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Franklin Method

Softgym Over Air Ball

Softgym Over Air Ball

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The Softgym Over is exactly the same ball as the Franklin Air Ball but without the Franklin Method Logo on it.

The Softgym Over is a soft, light and resistant ball, which allows to perform a wide range of exercises that vary from muscle strengthening to low-impact exercises.

Thanks to its considerable resiliency and resistance it is an ideal tool for several isometric exercises.

It is suitable for activities with children and elderly.

It is used in prenatal and postpartum classes and it is included in the Pilates method. The Softgym Over allows to perform an activity that highlights some essential components, which differentiate it from the common endurance and stretching activities that are usually performed without using this tool, i.e. concentration, control, relaxation, coordination and breathing.

It is easy to inflate by mouth. It can be folded and brought everywhere. A brochure with some exemplifying exercises is included in the package.

Please inflate according to the softness and resiliency which are required by the type of exercise.

The straw which is included in the packaging makes the inflation easier.

Recommended weight: max. 80 kg – 180 lbs / Tested load capacity: max. 100 kg – 220 lbs.

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