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Franklin Method

Franklin Fascia Massager - Oval

Franklin Fascia Massager - Oval

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Eric Franklin’s compact Fascia Massager Oval relaxes tight muscles, increases circulation and wakes up the body’s sensory receptors.

It’s ideally sized for treating the hands, neck, and feet, but can be used to release tension and smooth out connective tissue anywhere on the body.

While slowly rolling the Franklin Fascia Massager Oval between your hands and forearms, up your neck, holding it between your fingers or squeezing it in your palm, you not only massage the tissue but also create a sensory experience that re-informs your brain of how your body feels and moves, promoting relaxation and natural movement.


Measures approximately 4¼" L x 1¾" dia. Sold each.

*** WHOLESALE PRICING *** If you are interested in purchasing wholesale Franklin Method products, please contact for more information.

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